Don’t Be Afraid Of The Numbers: How To Empower Yourself and Your Business


Fear is a motivating factor, for sure – when we fear the consequences, we try our hardest to avoid them! As an extreme example, no one wants to foreclose on a house, and it’s a major fear that causes people to work like crazy and pay their mortgage. There is a healthy amount of fear that inspires behavior, but there is another type of reaction to fear that is less productive.

Sometimes, our fears cause us to shut down or bury our head in the sand, avoiding that which scares us. Reacting to fear by ignoring it is dangerous, and the consequences usually compound, growing worse and harder to resolve.

Moving Through Fear

It is good to stand strong in the face of fear, but strength is not always the answer to conquering fears. Sometimes, we need to diffuse the emotion all together and take away the feeling of being scared. In this case, it’s about power. Rather than muscle through (strength), empower yourself and get to the root of the fear. Most times, fears are like bubbles coming to the surface, emanating from something deeper. Rather than spend time popping the bubbles, dive down and see the real issue.

Identifying The Problem

As a creative small business owner, there are probably so many fears to face. Are any of these familiar fears? Will I succeed? Am I doing okay? Did they like my work? So, if these are the bubbles at the surface, let’s go a little deeper.

The question, Will I succeed? indicates a fear of failure, and questioning success relates to confidence. The definition of confidence is a high sense of self-respect, therefore, a big threat to confidence is self- doubt. Strength might require you to feel the fear and act anyways, but empowerment means looking at the reasons that created the confidence in the first place – years of experience, relevant education, past outcomes, satisfied clients, or excellent feedback. These are a concrete answer to that question, Will I succeed?

Likewise, concrete answers exist for all the fears if you dig deep enough:  Am I Doing Okay? Review your financials; Do they like my work? Ask for customer testimonials. You can learn the knowledge to gain power and stop the fears altogether. Knowledge equals power.

Finding Empowerment

Business owners who understand their financials empower themselves to succeed despite their fears. The numbers behind your business give you the power to pop those fear bubbles of doubt or uncertainty. Unfortunately, too many creatives who own businesses feel fear about tackling those numbers! They are afraid to attempt bookkeeping because it feels confusing, they feel overwhelmed with the tasks, or they are “bad” at math. It’s time to pop those fears.

Again, knowledge equals power, so if you do not know the terms, equations, or procedures for bookkeeping and financial reviews, then of course you will feel afraid of the process! The first step to digging deeper is learning about the names of financial tools and how they can help.

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