There’s Still Time To Make This Your Year


It’s back to school season, and the aisles are stocked full of school supplies. Who doesn’t love the fresh packages of pens and colorful bins of folders ready for the picking?! There’s something about those notebooks, clean and ready for scribbling notes, that makes this time of year feel hopeful and inspiring.

Just because you’re out of school and running a business doesn’t mean you won’t be able to appreciate this season. In many ways, we’re still in that mind-set of the academic year calendar, where summer is slower and fall gears up. You may not need to buy school supplies, but there are types of supplies for your business that you may want to get for the upcoming year.

Gearing Up

No, it’s not new notebooks and a fresh box of crayons, but you could still use some gear to jump start your year. Let’s imagine you have a Small Business Backpack. What constitutes gear for the creative entrepreneur and what would you put into your bag?

Creative Gear: A Pack Of Inspiration

 As a creative spirit, we’re always on the lookout for inspiration. Often, it’s an organic process, something strikes us when we least expect it. And it isn’t something we can manufacture, certainly not an object to add to a bag. However, there are ways we can seek inspiration or position ourselves to get inspired.

1.       New Experiences.  The more you experience, the more fuel for inspiration you’ll find. When we go through something different than our norm, our brains must process the experience. We adjust to make room for the input of new thinking, and therein is ample opportunity for inspiration to enter and take form.

2.       New Skills. When we do something the same way, we form habits. It’s difficult to alter our pattern and stray from our habit. However, an influx of new skills breaks our dependency on the familiar way to behave and provides a new course of action. Now, we’re in uncharted territory where it’s easier for inspiration to break out. We allow the “what if’s”:  “What if I do this…”  “What if this happens next…”  Every “what if” is a moment of inspiration.

Creative Gear: A Set Of Fortitude

Let’s face it; there’s quite a bit of rejection in the creative world. It’s a tough business, and you’ve got to have an equally tough approach to handling set-backs. Fortify yourself! There are many ways to build endurance and resilience through skill development.

1.       Learning The How-To’s. While running a business for creative services may be new to you, it’s a thriving market with a history of great success (The Renaissance!). Someone has had the same struggles and challenges as you, and there’s a way through. Learn a few “How-To’s” to help sidestep issues that plague most creative entrepreneurs and pave the way for a smoother road to success.

2.       Increasing Confidence. The more confident you feel, the more you’ll conquer. You’ll bounce back faster, too, after an upset. Confidence comes from a belief in and respect for yourself, and there are many ways to increase both. Business coaches know that mantras and meditations exist for a reason, and learning a combination of these exercises and methods may bolster your confidence to prepare you for any situation.

It’s time; the new year approaches and you can sign up today for the class, course, or appointment that will make a difference and create a new you. Not sure what to put in your business gear - email me, let's talk. Gather your gear and pack your bag, because we’re going to make this your year!

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