Getting Back-To-Business


Let’s take this time of year, the back-to-school season, during which children dust themselves off from summer break and get set for a new year, to do the same. Let’s shake the dust off our practices and assess our performance:  let’s get Back-To-Business. September hails a new season and a new school year, and we can ride the coattails of this event taking place all over the nation to focus inward and refresh our skills.

In the world of business, most milestones relate to a financial calendar; there are fiscal quarters and year-end accounts to wrap, but these are deadlines that don’t offer much time for reflection. In the meantime, we often get lax about practicing good habits and maintaining optimal performance, so we scramble to meet our financial deadlines without stopping to consider, “How am I doing? How are we doing as a business?”

Renew Your Focus

Right now, take stock of your underlying feelings towards your work and renew your focus. So much of the work you do relates to personal passion, but the administrative side and the financial goals often take precedence over our emotional connection to the work. Over time, your laser-sharp focus may have blurred, losing its precision, so use the month of August to figure out your baseline reasons for working and set goals from there that will guide your actions come September and beyond. Take this time to remember why you’re doing this work; focus on your purpose.

There was a driving force behind your decision to go into business, and it’s still there. Tap into that core force and use this as a resource to gain direction. What did you want to accomplish then, and what do you want to accomplish now? What was your purpose for starting a business then, and how do you feel about that purpose now? Most likely, your purpose has changed, and you need to acknowledge that change in order to alter course and chart your direction.

Refresh Your Skills

Use this time of year to jump-start your skills by taking a class. Without a set curriculum or learning institution to guide us, it’s really important to continually research available options for skill development. Look for trends in business or guidance from a career coach to determine which new skills might benefit your business. Then, sign up! It’s very easy to want to take a class and then never sign up.

Time passes quickly when we aren’t beholden to an academic calendar that slowly progresses through the years until culminating with a graduation. This can be an advantage; if you’ve thought about adding new skills, get started! Before you know it, the time will pass, and you’ll have fulfilled this goal. Just think that had you signed up for a class last year, you’d be done by now!

This is also a time to refresh existing skills. Our brain operates from muscle-memory when we repeat the same procedures, so it’s possible to lose best practices through rote performance. Taking a refresher course about topics like finances or methods may remind you about the best ways to conduct business.

Don’t Wait

There is excitement in the air as kids gear up for a new school year, and you can borrow from their zeal. It’s time to get back-to-business and make some changes so that this time next year, you’ll be looking back on a year of growth and better business. If you are interested in improving your business, consider either the Better Business Coaching System or the Understanding Your Financials course.

Michele WilliamsComment