Conquer the World by Finding Your Voice


Have you ever had a moment of doubt where you vacillated on a decision? You weren’t sure what to do, or you couldn’t say with conviction which choice was right. For some, this is a regular occurrence. The premise behind good business decisions is to act from a place of ownership. However, you need confidence in order to establish and take ownership over your business practices.

Finding Your Voice

We often describe confidence as a voice that speaks out. It’s the voice that speaks to our preferences, defends our decisions, and jumps into the fray when things must get done. When we use that voice, we expect acknowledgement and acceptance, confident expectations that demand a place at the table.

Using Your Voice

When you attend a meeting, you must speak your mind and be heard. That takes confidence! When you pursue or decline a project, you are exerting your preferences. Takes confidence! And the interesting thing about experiences that take confidence is that they also build it. Once you come through to the other side of an experience in which you acted confidently, then that experience gets added to your list of reasons to feel confident, further growing your stockpile of confidence.

There’s something else to the process, too. It’s empowering. When you can stand on your own two feet and proclaim yourself to the world, then you are a formidable force. Nothing can stop you! You own the world! You matter! When you approach your business with that kind of energy, imagine the results you will accomplish??

Getting To A Place Of Confidence

Not everyone comes equipped with a voracious confidence, but we all have the capacity to gain more. Look for ways to exercise your voice. Look for easy successes. Remember, confidence begets confidence, so the more times you experience a sense of confidence, the more confident you will grow.

While surviving a trial-by-fire situation may earn you instant confidence, it can also backfire if you experience failure. So, a more realistic approach is similar to getting results at the gym: slow and steady building.  Start from a safe place.

Find like-minded business groups that will support and allow your voice to emerge. For example, rather than attend a large informative lecture on a business topic, look for small-group sessions in which each participant contributes. There may also be associations to join that encourage membership meetings. Become a member, attend the meetings, and lend your voice to their cause. Any of these will build your confidence, shaping your voice so that you feel stronger asserting it.

Recognizing Your Voice

Once you embrace your voice, your confidence, then you will begin to find places in which to use it. You will recognize your strengths, opportunities in which you will succeed, and ways to overcome limits placed on you. It becomes a tool of empowerment that you can wield to improve, achieve, and —

— did I just hear you, shouting at the monitor, “AND CONQUER THE WORLD!” …now there’s that confidence. What will you do with it?

If you struggle with confidence, I can help. Reach out for a time to chat to see how you can build confidence to take you where you want to go.

Michele WilliamsComment