Getting To The Core Of The Matter


My personal trainer seems to be reading my mind. When it came time to start training with her, I told her that I wanted to strengthen my arms, back muscles, and shoulders. These were the areas where I desperately needed help, to stop excruciating pain and get relief. In the face of my urgency to get started and target these areas, my personal trainer had one response, “Not so fast.”

Before you can deal with the issues, you need to target the biggest underlying factor contributing to the problems:  she said that I had to build my core, though she called it “my body’s foundation”. I about laughed out loud—Sound familiar? Isn’t that pretty much my starting point with clients? Of course! You need a good solid foundation on which to build, whether it’s your body or your business.

Everything out of her mouth was like listening to a recording of my own sessions with clients: the ways she defined my body and the weaknesses was SO SIMILAR to my own methods for describing my clients’ business and foundational practices.

3 Core Facts

It was like my words back to me, a sounding board that helped me address the needs of my body in the same ways that my clients need help with their business. It took an external perspective to help me see things that I already knew because sometimes, we’re too close to something that is right in front of us to see it; we need another point of view.

1.       Our Core Supports Us

The reason to start with the core is simple—it supports everything. The stronger the core becomes, the better you are able to MOVE.

 Same thing in business. Your core business practices allow everything else to happen. Without a solid core, you will not be able to pivot or respond to the demands of your enterprise.


2.       Engage Your Core At All Times

We must keep our core engaged at all times, not just when we walk: whether sitting, talking, or breathing, your core is working.

In business, we also need to keep our core values and our WHY front and center – in all company decision making. Engaging with your core business principles prevents you from losing focus, momentum, purpose, and, of course,—profit!


3.       Many Parts Make Up The Core

Our core is made up of more than one muscle, and they ALL must be engaged together. If you only strengthen one part, then the weakness of the rest will prevent your continued development.

 Again, our business is more than a mission statement or a vision board; business is the combination of mission, vision, WHY, marketing and financial strategies that create long term success. It’s not okay to focus only on one at a time; these ALL must be in action simultaneously to achieve results and success.


Just as my fitness coach helped me see, I can help you. Find and develop your business core with The Solid Foundation Builder, and you will see results!

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