Why Take An Online Course? 


Let me call to mind the business woman running on the treadmill while signing documents and talking on the phone. While this could be a real scenario, it’s also figurative: since you started an interior design business, you’ve been running on a treadmill at high-speed and multitasking furiously!

“If You Want Something Done, Give It To A Busy Person”

Your response to the pace may vary between thriving on the challenges to feeling overwhelmed. I understand; as an interior design coach, I can tell you that the pressure is real. But I can also tell you that you are capable—you wouldn’t be here in the first place if you weren’t. And I say this because I’m going to challenge you to do one more thing.

“What?!” you say, “I can’t handle one more thing!!” I hear you. I see that treadmill churning. But this challenge will help you off the treadmill and onto real avenues that head towards a successful interior design profit margin.

Therefore, I am challenging you to keep learning. Right now, you’re working hard just to stay on-track. If you want to get ahead, discover the methods that will propel you. A treadmill is stationary, after all. 

Challenge Accepted

The truth is that the more you learn about your finances, the easier and more meaningful the business tasks become. You’ve come this far, but to go the distance, you need to understand your financials. It’s an essential ingredient for success. When you learn the story that your numbers tell, then you’re able to create and follow a successful interior design business plan. 

  1. Knowledge Is Power. Take the opportunity to gain new financial skills. This type of information—this knowledge—has the power to push you ahead in life and work. Think of it as an investment; the time you devote to learning about your interior design financial statements will come back to you as profit.

  2. Become a Life-Long Learner. The internet has made life-long learning possible because you no longer need to trek to a campus, sit through a class, and meet in person. You now have access to on-demand courses that let you learn when you can. Most courses are self-directed which means you can download and log on when you’re ready. Unlike a live instructor, you can click pause to take notes or really let something sink in.

Well-Meaning Resources Are No Substitute 

While we all know a family member or friend well versed in business, listening to them talk is not the same as learning. Learning is a process, and even though your loved one is enthusiastic about helping, they may not follow best-practices when it comes to learning: breaking down difficult concepts, giving visual aids, and providing opportunities to apply the lessons.

Sometimes, you need to slow down before you speed up; no one turns a corner at 60 mph. The good news is when you’re ready to get ahead, there is an online course on financials available to you. Slow down your treadmill enough to learn about your finances, then chart a new direction and charge forward, full speed ahead.

The Understanding Your Financials course will allow you to gain a fuller understanding of where you are making money and losing money. Then it will give you the knowledge and confidence to use that information to make wise decisions going forward – so that you can get off of the treadmill of trading hours for dollars. I promise.

Michele WilliamsComment