What Do Fitness and Business Practices Have In Common?


My first time exercising in a long time felt great! So great, in fact, that I felt accomplished, and I began to look for results in the mirror—wait a second! That’s not how it works! Too soon?? – but I get excited and want to jump forward even though I KNOW I can’t just get back in shape after one round of exercise—and you can’t snap your fingers to make your business successful, either! . . . No matter how muchwe wish it so, these things are not that fast and easy.

Ohhh, no, no, no…the reality is true. Change must be constant, consistent, and long-term. Truths we know but forget all the time, which is why my fitness coach, Kolleen, has been a lifeline. When I get excited and want to jump forward, she reminds me of the best way to accomplish my goals: “Slow and steady, do it right, and keep going.”

She’s right; I know this, because I offer the same words of wisdom to my clients. It took applying these experiences in a new situation to really reinforce the practices in business. I saw the ways in which my habits changed across the board with Kolleen’s voice in my head. Now that I am working with a trainer on my body, the lessons have rolled over into other healthy decision making in my life. I am working on getting more sleep, watching each thing I eat, and just feeling better. And I see the long term goals a bit more clearly – they are now seeming possible whereas before they felt far away.

In your business, you’ll benefit from these practices, too. 

  • Developing Muscle Memory

    My fitness goals can’t solely focus on waking up my core muscles; that only flexes them. Instead, my goal is to get them fully engaged to the point where it becomes second-nature to use them; this is muscle memory. Do something enough, and it begins to settle into a routine, take shape, and become the new pattern of behavior. Butthis takes time

    In your business, it is not enough to write out your vision, mission, WHY, etc. but to sit with it, turn it over, commit to it – OWN it. Only when you spend time with these tools will they become a part of you and second nature to how you work and think.

  •  The Importance Of Scaffolding 

    My purpose for working with Kolleen is to reduce my back and shoulder pain, so I was pretty ready to start building my arm strength right away. However, she delayed this in favor of strengthening my core. First thing’s first; other building will come in time, but I can’t start working on my arm muscles if it will cause me to pull my back out. There is a process. I did not create this pain and lack of muscle engagement overnight, and I won’t change it overnight. Each day counts, even if I don’t see immediate results. That’s because there is a multiplying effect that comes from building to each level—I become the sum of the parts.

    In your business, make sure to make your foundation the strongest piece and then scaffold from there. Build over time and add pieces once you are strong enough to handle them.

  •  Good Form Matters

    My fitness goals are about strength, and an injury would be a major setback. It’s a delicate balance to push the body in order to grow stronger while avoiding injuries. Luckily, there is a formula to follow that makes it possible to avoid getting hurt: to grow stronger and not cause injury, follow good form. There is a Right Way to perform strengthening exercises that will build muscle without suffering an injury. Form matters.

    As it does with your business. Business practices that follow a good form will be more successful. There are established methods and means to a successful end. Therefore, a good actionable plan matters and will support us for years to come.

Putting It All Together 

Like Kolleen helped me see and understand, following good form, building my foundation, and allocating appropriate time to the process created changes in my fitness and is helping me to achieve my goals. The same can happen in your business when we work together. The Solid Foundation Builder program will help you create a strong ‘core’ for your business. And you will hear me in your head when you are done cheering you on to the business of your dreams.

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