Dream Your Reality


Everyone has heard that envy is bad—really BAD! When you feel envy, you essentially allow yourself to de-value your own accomplishments.

…Hold on, this profit first coach is going to up-end another applecart: what if we could take that power away from envy and use it as an opportunity? 

Envy As Inspiration For Dreams

If you’re feeling envy, what is the thing-- quality or possession or anything -- that you want? Instead of ignoring the envy, turn the feelings into inspiration for dreams. Dreaming about the things you want allows you to imagine possibilities

Also, don’t feel like you’re just making up wishes that will never come true. Allowing yourself to dream means you avoid feelings of disappointment when you come back to earth; this as just an exercise. So, envision yourself in the way you envy. What is life like? 

Our dreams have the capacity to test out our feelings. Sometimes, you may realize that the things you want just aren’t right for you. It works for someone else, but not for you. Or, you may discover a whole new passion. 

(As an aside, when I feel envy towards an accomplishment of someone else, I stop, pause and pray blessings on their hard work and pray for a heart that celebrates with them. Try it – it changes your perspective.)

Making Your Dreams Come True

“There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.”– Douglas H. Everett

Two beautiful things about dreaming are the limitless nature of dreams and the insights they offer. You can dream of anything at any time; there’s nothing to stop you from dreaming. When you dream, you are tapping into your innermost feelings and allowing yourself to dig deeply into your consciousness. Here in the most protected part of our hearts lay the hopes we dare to hold. Find them! 

Putting It All Together

As an example, you probably know someone who is living the dream, and it’s hard not to feel envy. I’m saying, ‘That’s okay’ because you’re discovering how much you want success, too. Most interior designers fear to dream of success and sell themselves short. Instead, hold onto a dream of an interior design salary that offers all the trappings of success and glory. Now I’m saying, ‘Let’s work to make that dream come true.’

So, you envy other interior designers who seem to have everything. Pause and Evaluate the reason for envy:

  • Why do you want that?

  • Why don’t you have that?

  • Is this really for you?

Then, allow yourself to dream and pray blessings over them.

Think about your interior design business plan; your envy may indicate that you are missing something.  Now, dream about your plan in its perfect form—who are your perfect clients, what are your perfect projects, who is your perfect source of support, and what is the perfect form of collaboration you want? If you uncover something in your dreams that doesn’t exist in your plan, then maybe it’s time to reach out for help. 

As an interior design coach, there are many elements to the business that I can share, and we can add more to your vision. Connect with me and we can work together to turn your dreams into reality.

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