What Happens When You Harness the Wonderful Power of Community


As the school year ends, I’m reflecting on my days as a student. I remember the drill pretty much consisted of working on my own, completing assignments, receiving a grade, and then repeating the same routine throughout every year. 

My, how things have changed! Technology, communication, and information have boomed and altered the way we think, operate, and learn. Within Education, rote learning has been replaced by some amazing new methods and turns out they’re not just applicable to school.

I’m excited to join this new era and take coaching to the next level. 

Quick Background

One of the newest developments in Educational theory is that people learn best in groups, not from books. Even though students have been meeting in classrooms for ages, the learning process has not been communal until recent years. 

Now, groups and social dynamics are included in learning, and the process for gaining new skills takes place in a community. Everyone contributes, learns from each other, creates projects in which all have a stake, and find growth from collaborating.

It’s a beautiful symbiosis that takes learning out of the vacuum and into the 21st Century; no more studying dusty books alone in an isolated library corral. Instead, it’s a product of a dynamic, diverse, and social system and exchange of knowledge.

Joining The Community

When you decided to start an interior design business, you acted alone. However, the reality is that you are not alone. There are others who also made this choice and who live and breathe for their interior design financial statements, too; you are not alone as you try to make or break it!

As an interior design coach, I recognized that I am the wheel and my clients are the spokes. United, we can form our own community and work together to reach interior design goals for each of us. 

I am creating a new group community experience to bring us all together! 

Group Learning Advantages

My clients’ growth means the world to me, and my proudest moments are when one of you succeeds at completing your interior design business plan. When we join together in a learning community, everyone provides a replicable model for using my interior design coach strategies, and we can create endless feedback loops that help us achieve more and sooner!

Below is a list of everything included in The Designers’ Inner Circle, and for each one you read, remember that the insight from other members is not listed but comes with every single one of these

  • Access to The Solid Foundation Builder module to discover your WHY, Mission and Vision

  • Two laser focused calls a month that are recorded and added to the learning library

  • Access to prior group calls

  • Private Facebook Group to continue the conversation daily

  • Master Classes and Guest Coaches throughout the year

  • Reduced pricing for courses after joining

  • Accountability emails for the course you are taking

  • Extras throughout the year – education, webinars, book reviews, etc.

When we share knowledge, work together, and bounce ideas around our community, we are building a bank of information that will help all of us expand our interior design profits in all areas! I can’t wait to see you there.

I can’t wait to see everything we create together in The Designers’ Inner Circle. If you are interested in more information, click here.

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