If You Want More Success, Build Accountability


If it hasn’t struck you like a lightening bolt yet, you are midway through the year. That’s right—it’s been 6 months since we set our fiscal goals for the new year. If you think these last 6 months went fast, get ready for the rest of the year to fly by, particularly if you still need to move the needle on your goals.

It’s about now that you need a long, hard, tough look at your interior design financial statements. Where are you at? 

This is the moment to read the numbers and learn your story—how are you doing?

Hey—see what I did there? See what I did with those questions? I’m holding up the road signs and reminding you to check on your progress. I’m holding you accountable. 

What Is Accountability?

Progress means you are making real change and advancing in your interior design business plan. To achieve progress, you need to have a real sense of the tasks that will get you closer to your goal. Then, you need to do those tasks.

Too often, this is where we stall. We have a sense of the tasks, we have a to do list in place, and then we languish; we just can’t seem to get traction.

You’re setting the task, but knowing it needs to get done and doing it takes more than just will power. It’s very easy to let yourself off the hook—“I’ll do it later,” or make bargains like, ”Once I’m done with X, then I will do Y.” However, your ability to kick the can down the road suddenly changes when you must report your progress to someone else. 

When you stop working alone and grant someone authority to hold you accountable, then you are adding in incentive to stop stalling, bargaining, or spinning your wheels. This person has an expectation that you set and will recognize and reject excuses that you would tolerate.  

You will NOT want to flake out in front of another person who expects you to follow through on your own goal. That’s the trick—no one decided to start an interior design business because they liked to sit around. Motivated people get things done. Once you feel challenged to prove to another that you can do it, you will make it happen. 

That’s accountability.

Finding Accountability

There are ways to build accountability into your interior design business plan. From a single person to a group, entities exist that will hold you accountable and help you progress. I offer The Designers’ Inner Circle that connects you not only to me but also to those who can be your accountability piece of the puzzle. 

Working in this group, you’ll maximize your efforts because others will know your plan, carry an expectation for its completion, and inquire about your actions toward completing the goal. Like you, they understand the pressures and the pitfalls-- who best to relate to then others who know what it’s like to start an interior design business??

Working together, you and the group will have plenty of options to build in accountability: 

  • Access to The Solid Foundation Builder module

  • Two group laser-focused calls a month that are recorded and added to the library

  • Access to prior group coaching calls

  • Private FB Group

  • Master Classes and Guest Coaches throughout the year

  • Reduced pricing for courses going forward

  • Accountability emails for the course you are taking

  • Extras throughout the year – education, webinars, book reviews, etc.

That’s accountability! I look forward to seeing you there and getting started making the dial on your progress meter fly of the chart! You can find out more about The Designer’s Inner circle here.

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