Why It’s Important To Give Thanks


It’s that time of year – the end of 2018 is nigh, and 2019 will be here before you know it! In the whirlwind of getting things done before the new year, we often don’t make time to give gratitude. So right now, let’s stop the pace, breathe for a moment, and give thanks.

Consider your customers. We often take for granted the ones who make it easy to work with them. They have a great attitude, understand the business, and relate to your style of work. Not everyone is a super customer! Remember the one who caused trouble, the one you had to let go, or the one who you swore ‘Never again!’ because you barely made it work? It’s time to stop, breathe, and be thankful for the clients whom you enjoy working with – they are a rare commodity and good to appreciate.

Next, think about your vendors. You’re working with them for a reason. Breathe for a minute to clear your mind. Ponder the reasons why you chose that vendor. Of all the others who could do the job, why this one? What made them special enough to deserve your business? Reflect on unique qualities that you value and feel a sense of appreciation for them.

Also on the list of those to consider, it’s important to acknowledge the random interactions with strangers, those who may have lifted your load somehow or provided inspiration. Sometimes, in many occasions, human connection comes when we are in dire need. Feeling stress or worrying about the business opens you to these connections. You’re more vulnerable, and it allows others to help. Did anyone unwittingly come to your rescue or offer a few words that made things seem a little brighter? I hope so; I bet so. 

And, it’s not possible to go back and thank these individuals who appeared and just as suddenly departed from your life. They are brief blips, but they offer you a chance to do something special in return: Pay It Forward. When you can’t tell someone how much their actions meant to you because it was a random stranger you’ll never see again, then become the random stranger for someone else and do some good for them. 

This time of year, it may do wonders to offer a word of praise to a store clerk, smile at the cashier, or hold the door for the person behind you even if you must wait a bit. These and a million other ways are small moments that make a difference by bringing a few seconds of human connection to those who just may need it.

See, the whole purpose of Gratitude, being thankful, is not just to say “thanks!” and make someone else feel better, though that is a huge reason. Another reason to give thanks is for yourself. When you recognize and appreciate others, then you open yourself to the workings of Gratitude. 

Too often, we narrow our focus and see too much negativity. When you practice Gratitude, then you widen your point of view to a broader scope, recognizing the good and bad circumstances through which we navigate and including yourself within a network instead of a silo. It’s better for business, but more importantly, it’s better for you.

Thank you for spending your time with me this year, reading the blog, listening to the podcast and using the information to think about your business. Let’s all look forward to a great 2019. Reach out if you need assistance kicking off your new year.

Michele WilliamsComment