The Power Of Resources To Overcome Obstacles


Right now, I bet there’s something on a To-Do list that is not getting done. You’re just outta gas—no desire to put effort toward it. Maybe you’re out of time and need 25 hours in a day to get everything accomplished. Unfortunately, it could be a money thing and you can’t afford it.

EHHHH! *Obnoxious buzzer sound* I’m reaching for my Yoda robes. Now, I’m igniting my light saber and –slashing –each –reason –away! Imagine if Luke told Yoda, “I don’t have time to use the force!” 

The name of the movie is Star Wars because the Rebels fought back and trust me—they didn’t have the luxury of time, money, or choice - DARTH VADER HAD A LASER WEAPON CAPABLE OF DESTROYING ENTIRE PLANETS! They had to find any means necessary to hold back the Dark Side and Imperial Forces, sometimes with just rocks like the Ewoks did against the Storm Troopers.

The key word here is Resourcefulness. Han Solo wasn’t an expert fighter pilot—he was a smuggler! He wasn’t trained to fly against the Imperial Troops, but he and his ship, the Millennium Falcon, still saved the day. Luke was a farmer’s son, but he quickly learned to shake off preconceived ideas, embrace the new role of Jedi, and jump into the fray.

You must, too. When you can’t accomplish something because you feel that it takes too long, it’s too expensive, or it’s not enticing enough, then you need to try something else. Maybe just believe who you can be instead of who you have been.  

Use Tech To Battle Against Time Constraints 

Lucky for us, the Internet Age offers many ways to be resourceful. If you don’t have time to sit at a computer for a webinar, then listen to an interior design podcast while you’re driving or exercising. If you can’t find time to print and review your interior design financial statements, upload the files to the Cloud and look at them from your phone, tablet, computer, or device du jour.

Tackle False Financial Assumptions

I created the series Understanding Your Financials and Master Your Profit because too often, I saw businesses allocating or accounting improperly. I realized the underlying problem was the lack of knowledge about managing interior design financial statements. So, before you assume you can’t afford it, double check your knowledge about financial management practices. Are you really lacking the funds, or do you just lack an accurate and realistic picture of your interior design finances?

Fight Low Morale With Inspiration

When you feel “Done,” then you’re lacking intrinsic inspiration, so seek external resources that inspire: listen to an interior design podcast, talk to your interior design coach, or look at images that remind you of the reasons you chose to start an interior design business.

When you need to overcome common obstacles like time, money, or desire, seek and use resources. The Jedi didn’t act alone—they helped each other and sought counsel. I’m your Yoda, and counsel, I do. When you push things off, it’s a sign that you need help. It’s time to use your resources.

Interested in where to start, review the Your Course Roadmap and let me guide you to your next best step.

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