At The Root Of The Force


I’m returning to the Star Wars universe one more time, a final hurrah of May The 4th Be With You. I’m here again for a very good reason:  the theme of Heroism. 

The Star Wars movies are about heroes who risk everything to save the galaxy, and they had to be brave, battle, and sacrifice everything for their efforts. Those qualities of heroes are admirable, but they are relatable because YOU do those things, too, every day since you decided to start an interior design business.

When Fear Stops You

Luke Skywalker battled steep fears (HIS *FATHER* IS DARTH VADER!) with a hidden weapon—not the Force, but his mentor, Yoda, who showed him its ways. 

Fear is omnipresent when you own a business. The most common source of fear is money, from making it to managing it. 

Fear takes many forms, and if you are avoiding facts about your interior design profit margin because it scares you or ignoring problems facing you and your business, then you need a dose of bravery. 

You’ll need to be brave and face the fact that you may need help understanding your financials or managing your interior design business plan. From my vantage point as a strategic business coach, your Yoda, I’m here to teach you ways to navigate through the fear. 

Struggling To Prioritize

During a battle, you can’t control the onslaught of the forces against you. And that’s how it feels when you’re struggling to prioritize; it feels like everything is happening at once and all is equally important. It’s an onslaught, and you are sinking. 

And into the fray comes Yoda, light saber blazing, to get you through. As the title implies, a strategic business coach helps you figure out ways to prioritize your business tasks so that you can make an interior design salary that supports you. There are steps to take that will zap the tasks in a prescribed order to make things crystal clear and organized.

Analysis Paralysis

In the end, Luke couldn’t run from the knowledge that his father was an evil Sith Lord. He had to decide if he would join with or fight against him. Luckily, he didn’t vacillate too long.

But when you chose to start an interior design business, you accepted a difficult truth, too: Every decision is yours, and consequences for each choice fall squarely on your shoulders. 

Sometimes, in the face of such decisions, we weigh and analyze instead of act; we freeze, rendered incapable of committing. In those moments, Luke heard the Jedi Knights’ voices (“Use the force, Luke!”), and you can hear mine. You don’t have to carry the weight alone. 

Finding Your Force

It may not be against a Dark Side or an Evil Empire, but there are things that cause you to stall and falter, struggle, and lose hope as an entrepreneur. It could even be your To Do list! Or, it could be a bigger issue with a client or your interior design financial statements. 

You, too, must rise and be a Hero. But you, too, have a Yoda to guide you. 

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