Popular Seminar Topics

P-P-P Profit

How does a business become profitable? By accident?  And which “profit” number are you looking at anyway? There are three “P’s” that support your ability to be profitable in your business: Passion, Productivity, and Process.

Book Michele for this seminar to understand how each of these P’s can make or break your profitability plan. Even as creatives, we can know the numbers and how they fit. Michele makes it easy!

Taking Care of You

As business owners, we wear many hats. These responsibilities can be overwhelming–and we suffer due to the busyness of our schedule and the demands upon us. Studies show that the more we take care of ourselves, the more we can take care of our businesses (which makes us more successful).

In this seminar you will learn techniques and strategies for self care, mindfulness, being in the moment and taking care of YOU! 


Creating A Healthy Business

These days anyone can create a business. Get a camera, and you are a photographer. Style a bookcase, and call yourself a designer. Turn on a sewing machine, and you are a drapery workroom. But as we begin this “easy to get into” career, we notice that we are not necessarily in a healthy pattern of business.

In this seminar you will learn how to cultivate and cut your client list so that it is the best for you, how to recognize the value of your work and articulate it to your target clients, and how to recognize your “perfect client” a mile away!

Planning For Success

How in the world do we keep up with all of our thoughts, our calendars, our lives?  Everything around us seems to be going at breakneck speed. There are moving parts to everything. In this seminar, Michele will show you how she calendars, plans, monitors goals and gets more done in a week than most – and so can you! Learn to “chunk your time” and how to say NO while saying YES to the most important things. Being consistent in time management will lead to a saner life and more time in your schedule for those you love.


The Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever thought to yourself, “If they only knew that I don’t know this”, or “I am doing great but only because they like me”, or “I’m not sure why I landed this account – they are going to find out about me.”  If so, chances are you suffer with the imposter syndrome. The old adage “fake it until you make it” has kept us in internal fake it mode. Without a clear understanding of our successes, accomplishments and value – we will always undermine ourselves in work and lean towards self-sabotaging behaviors. Learn to redirect the internal dialogue to offer yourself opportunities for success and reward. Let’s change the head chatter to something much more supportive!

Negotiating With Confidence                                                         

Are you fearful of negotiating for what you want and need? Ever just GIVE IN to not have to deal with the perceived conflict? Are you tempted to give away more than you should or to settle for less than you deserve? Join us in this seminar to become aware of great negotiating skills that can provide a WIN-WIN solution and not leave you hanging your head in disgust even if you won. Learn how to negotiate and be honest about what you want and need to be successful in life and business – without fear and without tears.


Connect the Dots

Why do you work? What does it offer you? Every time you discount out of fear or pressure, what are you giving up? This seminar will allow you to investigate why you are in business, what the business is doing for you today and allowing for you in the future. You will learn to connect the dots to make great decisions and work from a place of power and not from a place of fear. 

Business Calisthenics

Is your business in a lull? Does it feel weary? How about doing a little business calisthenics to stretch you and your business? In this seminar we will discuss stretching to create goals, building a business backbone, reaching new audiences, pumping up the profit and loss statement, engaging communication skills, and cooling down the chaos.


Tell Your Story

Who are you in business? Do you know? If a prospective client were to meet you or read about you, what would they learn about you that tells your story? The story of who you are, why you do what you do, and how you can meet their needs. This exciting new seminar will help you create your story – and give you the courage to share it. You will leave celebrating the unique YOU and unique business you have created.

Seriously, It Takes That Long?!?

Do you really know how much time you spend on the tasks in your business? Most of us underestimate how long something takes us, then scramble to get it all done by a deadline. Do you know how to define what is billable and non-billable? What is the difference in task time and calendar time? How does a business manage all the tasks of marketing, office work, sewing, designing, education? This session will help you identify where you spend your time and also go over ideas for creative calendaring to get it all done.


Safeguarding Your Business

Have you safeguarded your business?  Do you know the top ten reasons why businesses fail - and that most fail in the first 2 to 4 years? In this seminar with Michele Williams, you will identify the top reasons businesses do not succeed and understand what you need to make your business 'fail safe'.  We will discuss prior business mistakes and potential ways to learn from them to move forward in your business.  Each student will begin to create an action plan to safeguard their business while working from a place of insight and strength.  Don't let your business become a negative statistic.

Cool, Calm, Confident Communication

Often we are asked questions that take us off guard.  Stumbling along, we answer and then wish later we had just kept quiet.  Join Michele Williams as she helps you understand the keys to communication success.  Learn how to be cool, calm and confident when answering the tough questions. Understand where the questions are coming from – and assure success with your answers.


Michele can also create a seminar specific to your group needs.