Many times I am asked how I came up with the name "The Scarlet Thread." 

In 2003 when I was re-branding my soft furnishings company, I was asking God to help me find a name that would be indicative of my business, but also of my faith in Him.

At the time I was studying in the book of Joshua. In the second chapter, Joshua and the Israelite nation have been given instructions to go into the land of Jericho because it is the Promised Land. So, Joshua sends in two spies to scope out this land.

That's right, my business name is Biblical.

These spies find refuge with Rahab, a prostitute. Because Rahab puts her life on the line and hides the spies, they make her a promise. When they come to take the city, if she puts a scarlet thread (or cord or rope, depending on the translation) in her window, she will be saved along with any family members in the home with her. 

Later in chapter 6, Rahab and her family are saved from destruction by this action of faith. Why does Rahab, a prostitute, matter?  Because she was the mother of Boaz, the kinsmen redeemer of Ruth, who was in the lineage of Jesus Christ - my Redeemer.

It's the point of everything I do.

I love that God can use any of us. No matter our background or where we have been. He can use the least of us for the greatest of tasks when we make ourselves available. My prayer is that I will be available for the opportunities the Lord has before me.