Do You Have a Coach Helping You Through Every Aspect of Your Business?

As business owners and entrepreneurs there is so much going on around us and demands pile up every day. The overwhelm of trying to be expert at all we touch IN the business creates frustration and stress. And eventually, if we don’t enlist assistance it leads to wasted time, money and costly mistakes. This is the same thing your clients feel when they don’t hire you. I know what this is like, because I have felt it - and continue to do so if I don’t bring in those who know more than me to shorten my learning curve, help me save money (sometimes by spending it wisely) and give me clarity from outside of my business. I believe everyone needs a coach. Yes, you heard me correctly.

Consider sports. Even at the pee wee stage we put a coach in front of our kids to play the game they are in. And the coaches change over the years based on the level of play. But to have no coach, is to be adrift with no real team and no clear direction.

Many people are shocked to hear that I have a business coach. Why, they ask - you are a coach. Yes, I am….and that is why I know I need one. A coach is a guide to helping us attain what we want.

My desire is to continually help those in the design industry to feel supported and a full sense of ownership in their business - so I have created The Designers’ Inner Circle to do just that.

Here is how I help my clients create the business they want in the inner circle:

  • Seeing the forest in spite of the trees. I may provide a totally different perspective. It is so very difficult to change what we created when we are inside of it. Because we don’t have a full picture. Everything is sifted through what we have done, invested, worked on, fought for….you get the picture. But an outsider looking in can bring clarity and focus so very quickly our heads will spin. I bring you clarity so you can act with supporting data, knowledge and assurance.

  • Lending confidence. We don’t always have the confidence to do what we know deep down we need to do. We struggle when alone because we have no confirmation - and you know what that means - the voices in our head work double time to fight for each side of the issue leaving us exhausted and no further along in our decision making. In fact, we are ready to shelf the whole issue for another day and put our head back in the proverbial sand. Sound familiar? I will lend you some of my confidence and keep your head out of the sand. You get a shoulder to lean on until you don’t need it anymore. As one of my clients says, “Michele helps you grow your profits and your heart!”

  • Creating community. Remember in the example above we mentioned that even as pee wee sports teams had a coach, we need one. And think about the collective. Life nor business is meant to be played and handled alone. Having a built in cheering team is amazing. Having that same group that has similar experiences and teaching and mindsets is worth millions. I have created a community where the members feel welcomed and supported by myself, each other, and other experts. That is what we do!

Are you convinced yet? Do you want to have a change in your business starting now?

What is included in The Designers’ Inner Circle?

  • You will receive access to the Solid Foundation Builder educational model to learn how to identify your WHY, Mission, Vision, Strengths and so much more..

  • You will join in a private Facebook Community with others who are on the same journey to move their business forward.

  • Library of all group calls (library increases each month)

  • Two laser focused group calls a month to ask any question you want. Each of these is recorded and added to the library.

  • Master classes and guest coaches throughout the year

  • Reduced pricing for courses

  • Accountability emails for the courses you are taking

  • Extras throughout the year such as additional education, webinars, book reviews, etc.

  • You will build and share confidence with others.

  • You will learn to re-frame challenges and issues and mindsets so that you can act and react appropriately.

  • You will be strengthened as a business owner.

  • You will be equipped, empowered and educated on how to do business better every step of the way.

Who is The Designers’ Inner Circle for?

First, this inner circle is for those in the interior design industry. This may include designers, decorators, stagers, workrooms, and upholsterers to name a few. Why is this limited? Because we are going to talk specifics, not generalities. And the more we can be direct in our questions with details, the better I can serve you with an answer.

Next, this inner circle is not for those who are not willing to take action. The ideal person for this inner circle has these qualities: willingness to learn and try new approaches, a belief that they own every aspect of their business, forward thinking, supportive, engaged fully in their business success - and a healthy dose of good humor.

Why is there an approval process?

Because community matters. Our goal is to build a healthy and supportive community where we learn, grow, and move forward together - even when we are each moving at our own pace. You can be certain that each person in this community fits and that we all share a common goal. That is HUGE!

How will I know if I have been approved?

Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive an email with next steps. The goal is to have these go through the approval process within 24 hours. The email follow-up will tell you how to connect to The Designers’ Inner Circle upon acceptance.

Stop trying to do business alone. Stop trying to ask the internet your questions where you get 100 answers all different from each other. Stop asking others who have not done what you want to do.

Start taking identifying what you want and taking forward action to get results. Start working in community. Start asking questions of the right people to give you the best answers. Start looking at your business as a whole instead of a sum of parts. Start here and Start now.

What is your investment in having the business that you dream of plus all of the benefits listed above? $297 a month. Imagine getting all the answers you need to grow your business from a trusted source who has done it and guided others to their dreams repeatedly.

Don’t keep doing business alone - join us. I promise it will be fun, exciting and wonderful for your heart and your business. Here is what others in The Designers’ Inner Circle have shared:

Thanks to your guidance, I finally have my finances organized, money being set aside for taxes and expenses, an accountant (!!!), and mental peace from feeling in control of these numbers! “ ~J. Edwards

“Thank you for imparting knowledge and confidence to me. Even with 20 years of experience, I know I have a lot more to learn and grow but I feel like I can do it!”  ~J. Lilly

“Just wanted to say thanks for the kick in the butt last week. Funny how I didn't even acknowledge it was a problem but you saw through me. “ ~N. Lane