Have a sticky spot in your business?

My highly-targeted, ultra-specific courses will help you pinpoint a particular pain point in your business and nail down the solution once and for all. From improving your money mindset, setting and reaching goals, to ensuring that you’re building your business on a solid foundation, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge in these courses that will save you years and help you avoid countless pitfalls.

These courses were designed specifically for entrepreneurs in interior design, home staging, and custom workroom businesses.


Understanding Your Financials Course

You’re working hard. You’re meeting all of your clients’ needs as well as their dreams. You’ve even hired a bookkeeper and purchased a software package to help manage your money. However, you still aren’t being paid consistently and don’t really have a handle on the financial health of your company.

The real answer to this is confidence. Do you have the confidence to charge what you are worth and to then manage that income? As a creative, you use the left, logical side of your brain all the time to solve problems for your clients. Let’s turn that left brain process inward and use it to create a healthy, financially viable business that pays you and your employees consistently.

Course Features:

  • Identify the income and profit you need

  • Know where every dollar goes in your company

  • Make a plan and set goals for the income you desire

  • Manage the plan to get the outcome you need

Let me help you build the confidence in YOU, your offerings, and your financials. You deserve it!


Master Your Profit Course

There is nothing worse at the end of the day than not knowing where your money went or stressing about how you will pay the bills -all while you are not getting paid a salary consistently. I hear it over and over again….heck, I have been there and done that! Being hit with unexpected bills, not knowing if you can pay your employees, or not having a firm grasp on your ability to grow the business are all hallmarks of poor money management.

Cue happy music! There is a solution.

Course Features:

  • Determine how money will flow in and out of your business

  • Set realistic targets for your salary, taxes, expenses and profits

  • Create processes that support your growth

  • Put you in a position of financial strength

  • Stop entrepreneurial poverty once and for all

It’s time to feel excited about working each day. Let me help you manage your money to support where you are going.


Solid Foundation Builder Course

Knowing the true purpose of your business will help you decide which clients to work with, which products to sell, which opportunities to take - and which of these to avoid. Having a plan for your design firm isn't just wise, it is absolutely necessary for success.

Course Features:

  • Self-paced learning via an online portal

  • Facebook group with other interior designers in the course

  • Identify your values and business purpose

  • Discover your strengths and unique selling proposition

  • A mission statement that makes you memorable

  • A business plan that brings financial freedom

Imagine the freedom of being so solid in understanding who you are in business that nothing can shake you. It's time to fix the gaps in your business so that the design firm you have worked so hard to build does not crumble.


Mindset Maximizer Course

We win the game in our minds. We fight the battles in our minds. We make commitments in our minds. Slowly these decisions move to our heart and then to our hands. The Mindset Maximizer will help you become aware of the thoughts in your head that are leading you to action or inaction using truths such as these:

  • There is a fine line between success and failure.

  • Your limited energy might be focused on the wrong tasks or people.

  • Your money mindset from childhood and early adulthood greatly impacts how you price your work and manage your money today.

Course Features:

  • Self-paced learning via an online portal

  • Facebook group with other interior designers in the course

  • Official assessment of your fears and how they are hindering success

  • Identify where your business needs to change

  • Learn how to protect your energy and become more efficient

  • Uncover your money mindsets and re-frame them for profit

Change the negative, self-defeating mindsets that have become so prevalent in your business and turn them into positive, growth focused thought patterns that will serve your future.


The Goal Planning Formula Course

Whether you love or hate setting goals, you need them to grow a successful interior design business.

Goal planning does not have to be overwhelming. The Goal Planning Formula was created to look at your desired yearly income goals, develop a plan for reaching them, and break that plan into manageable everyday tasks. This course helps you make a plan that ties each day to each week, each week to each month, each month to each quarter, and each quarter to the year - resulting in the culmination of your goals.

Course Features:

  • Self-paced learning via an online portal

  • Facebook group with other interior designers in the course

  • Goal-setting for all areas of your company

  • Financial planning to support all activities in the company, from marketing expenses to payroll and everything in the middle.

Every day could be taking you further away from where you want your business to be. Stop the cycle and start reaching your goals.