Wouldn't it be nice to crowd source the best interior design business tactics - without the crowd?

Welcome to The Mastermind Alliance


Does your high level interior design business require next-level guidance?

That's a no-brainer. The hurdles you face as your business approaches and surpasses the $1M mark are drastically different than those of a smaller and younger business.

As you build your interior design empire, The Mastermind Alliance is here to help you avoid mistakes, lead your team, expand your offerings, narrow your specialties, and maximize your efficiency.

The best ideas come from experience, and you'll receive several lifetimes of wisdom within this mastermind.


How a Mastermind Works


You’ll be grouped with 3-5 other design entrepreneurs


You will strategize with michele & your group monthly via video


You will collab via Facebook with Michele & your group


You will have workday access to michele via text & email


This Mastermind Alliance is for high-powered interior design entrepreneurs.

If you want all the benefits of high-level business advisory services on a leveraged scale and accessible format, you'll love The Mastermind Alliance.

Get ready to…

  • Increase your profitability

  • Set and reach business goals

  • Understand your strengths and those of your team

  • Strategize for future growth

  • Overcome unique challenges

  • Discover what work-life-joy balance should look like in your individual lifestyle


Ready to make a power move?

I see you, and I hear you. Let’s do this.

To be considered for admission to the Mastermind Alliance, please apply.

Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive an email with the next steps.