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The application process is a very important step to placing you on a dream team of success- and action-oriented women that will provide you with resources you never imagined, accountability for your life and business goals, and access to ideas that can only result from the combined intelligence of a group of people committed to help you succeed! 

The success of our mastermind groups depends on your level of commitment and your integrity. Please complete the application as thoroughly and honestly as possible. The information you provide in this application is completely confidential and will be used for acceptance and placement purposes only. 

You will be contacted shortly regarding acceptance into a STC Mastermind. Occasionally an additional interview is needed to determine whether this is the best fit for you. If accepted, you will receive a digital agreement and payment details. Groups are formed for a 6 month commitment.

To review the Mastermind Alliance details go HERE.


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The value you get from participating in the mastermind group depends on your commitment to do the work between meetings and to show up fully. For maximum benefit, please expect to spend 1-3 hours in between meetings (3-6 hours/month) on assignments, contribution to the message boards, and meeting preparation and reflection.
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Every effort will be made to place you in the group that meets at your preferred time. Groups do cap out at 6 members, and requests will be processed in the order they are received. Please contact Michele if you find you are in a group with a time that you cannot accommodate.
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