Profit Is A Choice Guest Instructions

Thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed for Profit Is A Choice.

Schedule: Go HERE to schedule your interview, choose the 60 minute slot and receive the Squadcast link for our time together. Please update your calendar.

Send: Please send your bio, head shot, 2-3 pictures of you or your work and all social media links to two weeks prior to our meeting.

Information about Profit Is A Choice that will help you prepare:

Our WHY | The “WHY” behind this podcast is that many Interior Designers, workrooms and supporting creatives are working hard in their business and not making the money that they feel they deserve. Our WHY is to help them understand what goes into being profitable so that they can create the business they desire that pays them what they are worth.

Our Listener | Interior Designers, Drapery Workrooms and supporting creatives in the Interior Design industry.

Our Belief | Our belief is that profitability (or lack thereof) is not based on a one-time event and that it isn’t just about money or net profit. Profitability is a string of choices and decisions that lead to a positive outcome. Profit is not just a numerical indicator.

Timing | The interview will last approximately 45 minutes to one hour. Please plan about 10 minutes before and after for setup and sound check as well as wrap up.

Media | Most of the interviews will be completed through Zoom. We may turn on our camera to make our interview more personal for us but only our audio will be recorded. You will receive a zoom link before our meeting time.

Sound | Please use a noise cancelling headset for best sound. Turn off all notifications on your computer and phone and please put away any pets or things that could distract from the sound. From my research one of the big indicators of a successful podcast is great sound. My goal is to make you ‘sound’ fantastic – so your help in being prepared is much appreciated.

Questions | I will be doing research on you, your company, etc. and will create some interview questions to get us going. These will be sent to you prior to our time together. Please note, these are meant to guide our discussion not to be read out loud when we are together. We are relationship building, so the goal is for this to sound like we are having a chat over coffee – not a stilted conversation. If there are topics of discussion you would like for us to avoid, that is the time to let me know. Please be prepared to answer these questions at the beginning for a mini-segment:

  • What is inspiring you right now? (could be a book, quote, thought, person, etc.)

  • What is challenging you at this point in your business? (challenges are great - don’t be afraid of this question)

  • How do you define profitability? (think deep and wide)

Promotion | We would love for you to promote your interview just as we will. After the interview you will be sent a link to the show notes, the audio, and graphics. Please make sure to tag us in all postings so that we can both benefit from our time together. You can connect with Michele here:

Release | By participating in the Profit Is A Choice interview, you agree to allow The Scarlet Thread, LLC to record and distribute the podcast in any manner, and to use it in speeches, books, and other media.  The Scarlet Thread, LLC may use your name, image, and voice in connection with these uses.

Previous Shows | You can go HERE to listen to previous interviews.

You can reach me at If you have a book or other resource you would like to share with me please send to:

Scarlet Thread Consulting
Attn: Michele Williams
12225 Clairmonte Ave.
Alpharetta, GA 30009