039: QUIPA - Quick Intelligent Personal Assistant

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039: QUIPA - Quick Intelligent Personal Assistant

with Hope Arbery

On today’s podcast we have Hope Arbery. Hope is the owner of Quipa and formerly of Hope Arbery Interiors. Hope started her career as a lawyer, then came home to raise her children. She helped a neighbor out and next thing you know – she is a drapery workroom owner. She went on to add full service design to her offerings in addition to the custom drapery workroom. 

 Topics Mentioned:

  • Workroom

  • Order

  • Pain

  • Frustration

  • Calculations

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Thoughts from Hope:

  • I would like to recognize that you (Michele) help people grow their profits and their hearts.

  • Because I was so afraid of making a mistake, I would always triple check myself.

  • In our industry, the details have details.

  • What we do is so important because we are impacting people’s lives in their homes.

  • When you pay someone to do it, you can see what it really takes to get it done.

  • You have to have a whole support system around your business and under it, for it to be sustainable.

  • QUIPA should make the whole process easier.

  • If you can recapture some of your time, then you can recapture the joy in your business.


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