014: Manage Your Projects with Ease


014: Manage Your Project With Ease

with Sarah Daniele

Sarah Daniele is the CEO and co-founder of Mydoma Studio, providing interior design professionals with the tools to enhance their value, create a repeatable process and collaborate with clients in the industry. Sarah and her team are passionate about using systems and processes to help interior designers grow their design businesses. In this episode we hear how Sarah began her career in interiors and what led her to where she is today.

Topics Mentioned:

  • Efficiency

  • Project Management

  • Client Management

  • Side Hustle

  • Brand

  • Systems

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Thoughts from Sarah:

  • At Mydoma Studio, we want to empower our designers to navigate and work confidently with their clients.

  • It is important to not shelter the stress and paint the picture that it is always easy and fun. It might start out as a side hustle and you’re hustling!

  • The company is built by designers for designers and with that we really pride ourselves in asking for feedback.

  • Our voice we are giving is true to the brand. Everything you do, from the initial touch to the end is building your brand.

  • You need to be efficient otherwise the company won’t be profitable or grow.

  • Don’t let fear stifle whatever dream you are working on. Whatever it is, go do it. Be prepared to fail. But every failure means you’ve learned something and you’re one step closer to success.