015: Confidence by Design in Year One


015: Confidence by Design in Year One

with Sara Lynn Brennan

Sara Brennan is a nationally published interior and floral designer, calling her style “Romantic Transitional”. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, author and lover of collecting all things vintage. Sara has been published in Romantic Homes and Traditional Home magazines highlighting her romantic and fall looks for the home and outdoor spaces. Only one year in business, Sara shares what she has done and is working on to be where she is today.

Topics Mentioned:

  • Doubt

  • Confidence

  • Therapy

  • Marketing

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Thoughts from Sara:

  • Staying at home with my children was what I was supposed to do, but I knew I had other ventures to explore. I began my wreath décor business as a creative expression and this soon became the foundation of my interior design business.

  • A friend asked to photograph my home and this is when I saw the creativity and décor from a different perspective. This triggered the light bulb!

  • In the beginning, my version of profitability was validation. I wanted to hear that I was good at this from people that weren’t my family or best friends.

  • After achieving my goal of being published in magazines, I knew I had to do events to follow up with the publications. Publication was a great marketing tool to show to clients.

  • It is important to value yourself.

  • I started out connecting on Instagram with wreath makers and made my page similar to what an ETSY shop looks like. I found my style was different from the typical farmhouse pictures or the ‘ fixer upper’ genre like others.

  • I love Instagram stories so much because I’m an introvert, so it allows me to talk indirectly to people and it is something I just feel comfortable doing.