013: Showhouse Savvy Make a Plan from the Start


013: Showhouse Savvy Make a Plan from the Start

with Lauren Davenport Imber

Lauren Davenport Imber is an Atlanta-based interior designer that works with clients to transform high-end residential and commercial spaces into livable, chic spaces. Lauren is known for her timeless style and attention to detail, creating projects for clients on time and within budget. Her work has been featured on multiple platforms including HGTV and was recently named as an emerging designer to watch by Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. In this episode we look at the profitability of working on show houses.

Topics Mentioned:

  • Getting Started

  • Ideal Clients

  • Showhouse

  • Planning

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Thoughts from Lauren:

  • The important thing is to know when the project is going off the rails and when to reel it back in. Trial and error is the best teacher- cut the losses, realign expectations and move on.

  • Processes and procedures are something you are always tweaking. It is important for you but also for the clients so they know what to expect.

  • A great question to help with planning is ‘What direction do I want my business to go in the next few years?’ Plan and work on those initiatives to further meet growth goals.

  • I never enter into a Showhouse thinking I’ll get clients. If you plan accordingly, the profitability can be huge. Take advantage of getting your name out, establishing relationships with either the magazine or vendor putting on the event.

  • It is important to plan out and create a budget going into a Showhouse.

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