012: Priorities are Integral to Creating a Financial Plan


012: Priorities are Integral to Creating a Financial Plan

with Valerie Leonard

Valerie Leonard is an award winning Financial Advisor receiving awards from Forbes, Investment News, Birmingham Business Journal and many more. Valerie’s mission is to help people be the best they can be by making the most of their financial resources and time. She is the co-founder of Grinkmeyer Leonard Financial in Birmingham, Alabama.  In this episode Valerie helps us understand how important a financial plan is to our business and life.

Topics Mentioned:

  • Budget

  • Financial Plan

  • Insurance

  • Priorities

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Thoughts from Valerie:

  • Sometimes debt is important in order to grow.

  • My ideal client is someone that can value my advice and prioritize his or her financial goals and plan to work hard at it.

  • My goal behind the Women and Cents events and my social media feed is to empower women and educate through it.

  • It is extremely important to start with priorities and work backwards to set the financials in line to create the budget. We have the ownership and decision making with our budget.

  • It is important to have quality time with clients and to give quality in order to maintain relationships.

  • My profit goal is to improve the structure and accountability with my business. It is important to identify clear and measurable goals that are achievable.

  • It is beneficial to show your work to your clients and let them know how much you really care and how much you’ve down for them. Identify the values and point those out to your clients.