009: Success is Possible if You Persevere

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009: Success is Possible if You Persevere

with Anthea and Cory Click

Cory and Anthea Click are owners of Fresh Perspectives in Nashville, Tennessee.  Cory brings his expertise of home building to the team along with Anthea’s career in selling real estate. Together, the couple have created a staging business for 11 years. Anthea has won numerous awards, including Best of Houzz in design and service, as well as “Most Livable” award in both the 2014 and 2015 Parade of Homes. They also received Fixr Top 200 Home Design Influencers of 2017. Anthea was a featured designer for Kirkland’s and appeared on the popular show, Designing Spaces, as a guest designer.

Topics Mentioned:

  • Getting Started

  • Working With a Spouse

  • Education

  • Coaching Your Team

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Thoughts from Anthea and Cory:

  • We enjoy working as a team and it makes so much sense for us. The two of us are entrepreneurs and we have the same drive as a husband and wife team.

  • It’s not about where you are; it’s about where you are going. You tell me no and I’m going to tell you I can do it. No means move on to the next opportunity.

  • We took a jump into something that wasn’t going to devastate the progress we had already made.

  • Its important to focus on the foundation to see what is working and what is not working. Focus on the direction and look for and build confidence in your team.

  • Learning to let go and delegate means we can go a lot faster and with that brings less worrying.

  • The most critical part to getting where we are is going to conferences and bringing back visions to share with our team.



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