How To Overcome Scary Mistakes That Alter Your Course

How To Overcome Scary Mistakes That Alter Your Course-business-coach-interior-designers..png

When a ship is off course, the Captain consults appropriate tools and maps to get the ship back on track. It’s called Course Correcting, and it’s the same concept that you can follow when you’re off-track with your business. For times when your interior design financial statements tell a scary story or you feel doubts about your decision to start an interior design business, don’t abandon ship!

Course Correction is a process to follow so that you can find your way again. By consulting tools, using your resources, and following your map (your interior design business plan), you can get back on track, too.

Course Correction Process 

Step 1 – Use Your Tools. If you have hit the bottom of the barrel when it comes to money, then you need to figure out the problem. Financial issues are a symptom. 

So, what went wrong? 

If you took the Understanding Your Financials course, then you have samples of interior design financial statements to compare against. Double check that you’re properly set-up. If your set-up is just fine and a perfect mirror of the samples, then understanding the finer details of your financials may be the reason that you’re steering the boat off-course. You may need a refresher course or to engage with coaching to figure out the small one degree changes to make these interior design financial statements should work.

Step 2 – Re-Set The Course

The ship’s Captain didn’t bluster and fume, stomp off the deck and jump in the water to swim away from the boat. Oh no! Captain’s don’t just leave their ship, and despite any feelings of frustration or disappointment that may influence you to give up or feel exasperated, stay the course; you can right this ship of yours.

What did the Captain do? Look ahead. 

Grabbing a map and a sea scope, the Captain stood solidly topside, scanned the horizon, and navigated through. Your resources exist for the same purposes. Work with others who can guide you, review your interior design business plan and adjust, and re-establish new goals. 

Step 3 – Set Sail

Once the Captain set the new course, the ship moved. The anchor was hoisted up, the crew alerted to the new plan, and the ship set sail toward a new direction. No one nor the ship sat still! No one let the ocean current dictate the direction! 

It’s reasonable to feel upset by bad news or struggle against feelings of failure, but don’t let those stall your actions. Don’t keep drifting along. Put your renewed focus, direction, and goals into place immediately. What can you do today?

Who’s Your Crew?

You may be an entrepreneur piloting the ship yourself, but you’re not alone! Who’s on your crew? Who can help you navigate, find direction, and steer your ship? You can take control of all aspects of your business—from the money to the clients—literally starting today. Join the Designer’s Inner Circle and connect with a crew who can help you.

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