Business Planning Workshop | 2 Day Class

Have you taken the time to work "on" your business by planning how it will function, who you are meant to serve, and how you will find clients? This two day interactive workshop will help you identify why you are in business, who you are in business, and who your customer is. You will walk away with an analysis and plan for your finances, marketing, company structure, and future direction.

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Pricing Without Emotion | 2 Day Class

Pricing is the most dreaded task for design professionals. This course takes the fear and mystery out of custom workroom and designer pricing. Students will leave with a better understanding of their specific pricing needs along with the skill and confidence to charge what they are worth. Pricing discussions include wholesale and retail pricing, pricing for the unknown, and pricing in a changing market. Examples that are relevant and real will be explored. No pricing question is taboo. Read more.

I must start with a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to Michele. You are a rock star!!!! You took the many pieces of the jig saw puzzle of “pricing your work” and seamlessly created a clear picture and direction for a newbie like me, as well as the seasoned professional. I feel so much more confident and excited about my company.
— Cheryl S.


Creating Confidence | 1 Day Class

The key to owning your business and representing it well is confidence. Confidence does not mean being cocky - it means knowing who you are and defining why you do what you do. Have you ever heard the phrase, "fake it until you make it?"

While this may help in the short run, it will not lead to a better life or a lasting ability to instill confidence in your services and in your client.

In this one day workshop you will identify the barriers to confidence, role play difficult situations so that you feel comfortable with communication interactions, and create the foundation to build a strong, confident business.

Selling & Specifying Window Treatments | 2 Day Class

Understanding that offering the best solution to a window treatment begins with the exterior evaluation is key. In this two day workshop, the following topics will be covered:

  • Interior / exterior evaluation of the room and windows
  • Principles and elements of design as they relate to window coverings
  • Scale and proportion of window coverings
  • Textile properties, types of windows and suggested coverings
  • Hardware and motorization
  • Determination of yardage requirements
  • Pricing, measuring, consulting
  • Working with vendors and subcontractors

This workshop will prepare you to talk to your customer with confidence about the suggested solution to their window treatment needs.

Michele, your class far exceeded my expectations. Your knowledge, teaching style, humor and generosity are simply superb. You have a true gift. You inspired me not only professionally but also personally. That combination is rare.
— Nancy F.

Communicate Your Way to Success | 2 Day Class

Communication can be a deal maker or breaker. Great communication skills start before a word is said. This course will delve into communication skills with an emphasis on how to really convey what you want and need in a conversation while having a good understanding of the needs of the other person. This is a workshop class where you will have the opportunity to role play and sharpen your listening skills, verbal and non-verbal skills, as well as written communication skills.

Michele, you are a pure delight and your ability to communicate your knowledge and expertise to us was done in a thorough and professional manner.
— Gina D.
I personally want to thank you for all you have taught me with this class. After taking the communication assessment, I know where I need improvement and where my areas of strength seem to be. Thanks again, Michele, for coming and sharing your knowledge with us.
— Pat J.

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