017: Accidental Business that Became Intentional


017: Accidental Business that Became Intentional

with Ann K. Johnson

Ann K. Johnson is the owner of Sew Easy Windows specializing in decorative soft goods such as panels and draperies, cushions and pillows, tablecloths and napkins and much more. Ann is also a speaker, author and instructor known for creating ways to be efficient in the workroom. She is the author of a two volume book series, The Professional Workroom Handbook of Swags. Listen in as she shares how her business accidentally started but how she moved towards intentionality to keep it going.

Topics Mentioned:

  • Efficiency

  • Investing in Your Business

  • Consistency

  • Education

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Thoughts from Ann:

  • To have open communication we will always be better in the long run.

  • Efficiency is extremely important because it rolls the jobs through but it is also important to be aware to not freeze up making custom items.

  • It is important to keep consistency in product development and fabrication choices.  They all contribute to how the product looks in the end and what the clients are buying.

  • I look at achieving maximum efficiency by thinking about how I would train an employee.

  • When I write I book or create a class, I give them everything they need. I strive to be as clear and concise as possible but to give enough information that they can make educated decisions going forward.

  • Be teachable and willing to learn. Continue learning and taking classes.

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