BONUS: Profit First Success Stories with Marie Kurmin


BONUS: Profit First Success Stories with Marie Kurmin

with Marie Kurmin

Marie Kurmin is the owner of Kurmin Kreations. Marie graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. She opened Kurmin Kreations to allow her to be home with her kids and pursue her passion. Marie offers design, fabrication and installation of custom window treatments to interior designers and retail clients in the New England area.

Marie shares that the desire and need for more profit became apparent as college tuition time got closer. She took part in educational opportunities through WCAA, WFCP and networking and with that hired an assistant and started working directly with IDs. Those two things alone drastically impacted her profitability.

Marie is going to share how she has implemented Profit First (PF) in her business and some of the obstacles she faced prior to this implementation. Her solution is different to many because she is not using an accounting software package. This shows the power of PF. It can be adjusted to fit your scenario and strategy - within limits of course. Enjoy listening to her journey.

 Topics Mentioned:

  • Profit First

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Thoughts from Marie:

  • Figure out your expenses (including labor cost) for every job.

  • Honesty, there is nothing hard about it. You just have to set-up multiple bank accounts.

  • You need a steady income coming in so you can take out the money that needs to be taken out.

  • It is not scary. Once you do it, it becomes a habit.

  • Just do it.


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