036: Press Brings Engagement

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036: Press Brings Engagement

with Amy Flurry

Amy Flurry operates an independent communication studio that assists companies in developing and implementing focused communication strategies that position them for the next stage of growth. She draws on her experience in the fashion and home furnishings industry. Also, she applies trend direction to product development and an expanding market strategies to connect businesses to the interior design trade. Amy is the author of Recipe for Press, which has two editions.

 Topics Mentioned:

  • Influence

  • Press

  • Creating a pitch

  • Readiness

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Thoughts from Amy:

  • Communications and commerce both need attention individually.

  • The “Why” is most critical.

  • We have to check ourselves sometimes when we have things come our way. How do they match up with our priorities?

  • This is your unique life. Design it.

  • A lot of publications run on “new”.

  • You need a steady presence in the places that matter to your business.

  • Sometimes you can get a lot of attention at one time, but it can go away very quickly.

  • A good publicist will prepare you for things.

  • Do not discount your community when it comes to exposure.

  • Think about what matters to your clients.

  • Editor communities are small.

  • Listen to podcasts.

  • There are fundamentals to getting press.

  • Do not pitch editors on the spot. Build a relationship.

  • Wait until it is a good fit and the right timing.

  • Editors look at your pictures and then decide if they will read your pitch.

  • Websites play a major part in pitches and getting press.

  • Editors have relationships with photographers and ask if they have seen something “new”.

  • Photography positions you to get press quicker.

  • When pitching and following up, use the same pictures.

  • Trust your instincts.

  • Things get cut at the last minute. That does not mean it will never happen.

  • You will have to put in the time to get the press and relationships you want.


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