046: Email Marketing That Works

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046: Email Marketing That Works

with Kae Whitaker

Joining me on the podcast today is Kae Whitaker, owner and CEO of Kae Whitaker Media Group. Kae specializes in helping service providers create automated marketing systems that close the gap in leads lost, enhance their sales processes and keep customers returning through delivering an amazing experience and increasing client referrals.  

Kae and I met at LuAnn Live and are co-authors of the book, A Well Designed Business The Power Talk Friday Experts. After meeting in person I can tell you Kae has a bundle of energy and it is contagious. She knows her stuff and is going to share with us today about email marketing, which is the subject she wrote about in the book. I am even going to share with Kae some of my hesitations with email marketing campaigns and get her take on my hang-ups. 

 Topics Mentioned:

  • Email 

  • Spam 

  • Relevant Content 

  • Consistency 

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Thoughts from Kae:

  • Content is going to be created based on the temperature of your audience. 

  • Email marketing are the emails that you utilize to move people through a buying process.  

  • There are different types of email campaigns – campaigns are strategies. 

  • You have to truly understand the audience that is within your email list. 

  • Survey your list as needed. 

  • Look at your customer journey as cold, warm, and hot. 

  • Work with what is already giving you traction.

  • Email addresses are like phone numbers. 

  • If people remain on your email list, it is because they want to hear from you.


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