030: Blogs Are Still Relevant

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Jaquilyn Edwards is a writer, artist and the founder of Ochre & Beige, the blogging studio responsible for ghostwriting 150+ blog posts and several websites in the interior design industry last year.

Jaquilyn's design & marketing education at Stanford, paired with several years at a tech startup in Silicon Valley, are the power couple that help her support creative entrepreneurs' profit goals with effective blogging strategies.

Beyond executing a solid plan, however, Jaquilyn has found a knack for pinpointing a common theme, or why, among the flurry of details in each designer's life. This translates to capturing their unique "voices" within a blog or website and witnessing the surprising result — mutual empowerment on the path to profitability!

 Topics Mentioned:

  • Content Creation

  • SEO

  • Messaging

  • Consistency

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Thoughts from Jaquilyn:

  • I had to make the choice to grow.

  • Blogging gives you access to so many people.

  • When you have a blog, you can structure content around it when it comes to marketing.

  • You want your warm leads to sign up for the website.

  • It’s natural to just post to social media once a week, but you can post multiple times.

  • You can get 2-3 weeks of social content from one blog post.

  • Mention the blast in any video you do.

  • Your content should support your business goals.

  • Use headlines settings to your advantage (H2 and H3 headers).

  • You can write like you speak.

  • Really focus on the value of your content.