031: Art is for Everyone

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Michele Seekings is the owner of SPIRE Art Services in Charleston, South Carolina.    After  26 years in the medical/pharmaceutical industry,  Michele founded SPIRE to pursue her passion for art. Michele is an avid art collector and supporter of local art initiatives including curating INTRO, an annual pop-up show featuring the area’s top 10 emerging artists.   She actively serves on the Board of Directors for the Gibbes Museum of Art as the Chair of the Visiting Artist Program.  Michele is also involved with local organizations such as Historic Charleston Foundation, the Preservation Society, and Spoleto USA.   

 Topics Mentioned:

  • Art

  • Collections

  • Organization

  • Relationship

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Thoughts from Michele:

  • Choose art you love.

  • You don’t need a Picasso in your collection for it to be a true art collection.

  • You have to figure out what “value” means to you.

  • There is usually a story behind the art.

  • Keep documents and notes as much as you can for your collectibles.

  • The more information you have the better.

  • Present the client’s vision with options.

  • If you focus on relationships and learning, you will always be earning.

  • At a minimum try to get a photo of the art, along with the artist and title.

  • Know the client’s plan when it comes to art.

  • Be as efficient as possible.