BONUS: Profit First Success Stories with Annette Faber

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with Annette Faber

Annette Faber is the owner of Kaylees Creations in Greenville, SC. She is a to-the-trade workroom focused on high end fabrication and dress maker details. Annette strives to add value to her design teams by working hard, being trustworthy, collaborating and living the core values of her business - integrity, transparency, excellence, dependability, and leaving a positive fingerprint on each person she interacts with.

Annette shares with us her financial journey before, during and after the implementation of Profit First.

 Topics Mentioned:

  • Profit First

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Thoughts from Annette:

  • Once you owe the IRS, you never forget that feeling.

  • If you calendar an event/trip, it will happen.

  • Just “hold your nose” and jump!


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