032: Taking Responsibility Makes You Profitable

032: Taking Responsibility Makes You Profitable


Susan Woodcock owns Home Dec Gal, a how-to sewing resource and custom workroom in Western North Carolina, and is a Bluprint (formerly Craftsy) instructor and international speaker.  Susan’s publishing credits include Singer® Sewing Custom Curtains, Shades and Top Treatments.  Together with her husband, Rodger Walker, Susan co-produces the Custom Workroom Conference, an annual educational event and trade show.  In 2017, Susan and Rodger founded Custom Workroom Technical Center or “Workroom Tech”, a hands-on training facility dedicated to the workroom industry. She credits her mother with teaching her to sew and inspiring her career of creativity. 

 Topics Mentioned:

  • Personal Responsibility

  • Support

  • Jealousy

  • Fear

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Thoughts from Susan:

  • It’s not just about focusing on the numbers. It’s about having a well-rounded business.

  • There are times when the customer is at fault, but we need to take responsibility as well.

  • Stick to your core values.

  • Do not let anyone compromise your core values.

  • How you handle problems in your business can make or break your business.

  • Stand up for yourself.

  • Have confidence in yourself and your business.

  • You want to be authentic and genuine with your brand and core values.

  • If you make your customer happy, it will come back to you.


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