053: Bookkeeping for Success


053: Bookkeeping for Success

with Emily Moore

On the podcast today is Emily Moore. She owns and operates the Bean Countery which is a Certified Profit First full-service accounting and advising firm.

What started as a side hustle to save her soul from Corporate Finance has grown over the past decade.  It is now a full-time passion of hers to meet entrepreneurs where they are and improve their business finances and overwhelm so they can live the life they crave. 

Emily lives near Cincinnati, loves to write and spend time with her hilarious family. She is an enthusiastic advocate for freedom and works hard so that her clients can experience as much of it as possible!

Topics Mentioned:

  • Balance sheet

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Financials

  • Advisory services

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Thoughts from Emily:

  • I just ripped out a page from the Yellow Pages and I started to make cold calls.

  • My whole purpose on doing this was not to make money. It was so my heart can be happy.

  • Knowing the numbers and what they represent is key.

  • You really need to look at your balance sheet and ask questions.

  • Your chart of accounts (COA) is the bounds that make up the body of your finances.

  • I want everyone to have an accountant or bookkeeper who will partner with them.

  • When you are in a conversation with a potential accountant or bookkeeper, they should ask you questions as well.


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