052: Confidence by Design


052: Confidence by Design

with Michele Williams

Today's podcast is another solo episode. In it, we're going to talk about confidence. It is really a big topic and one that I think we can all say is important as business owners. As well as, talk about how confidence relates to our profitability.

As we jump in, in just a few minutes, we're going to talk about what is confidence. We're going to look at how our confidence can be shaken and some of the things that we can do to restore that confidence or to build it up in the first place. Again, another not-to-be-missed episode.

Topics Mentioned:

  • Belief

  • Confidence

  • Preparation

  • Self-doubt

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Thoughts from Michele:

  • All it takes is one client to push back and we can begin to doubt everything.

  • Everything hinges on belief.

  • Preparation is key to competence.

  • Many of us struggle with imposter syndrome, which makes us feel less than.

  • Educate yourself until you make it.

  • Adversity can also build confidence.

  • It does take a village.

  • We are the author and not just the reader.

  • It is ok to miss the mark.


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