005: Shame - Words of Wisdom with Michele Williams

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005: Shame - Words of Wisdom

with Michele Williams

Today we hit shame head on. No more hiding, running away or feeling less than. Today is the day we remove the shackles of shame, replace them with forgiveness and move into our future. Our success depends on it.

Topic Mentioned:

  • Shame

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Thoughts from Michele:

  • Shame weighs us down.

  • Shame creates negativity.

  • Shame creates blame.

  • Shame creates self-doubt.

  • Shame causes extreme thinking.

  • We can stop the cycle of shame by doing the following:

    • Make peace with the idea that errors are a great part of our journey.

    • Recognize our errors early and acknowledge them.

    • Pour grace and forgiveness on ourselves and others.

    • Make restitution and set things right.

    • Move past the shame.

    • Be good to ourselves.

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