003: Create a Mindset to Profit and Increase Your Bottom Line


003: Create a Mindset to Profit and Increase Your Bottom Line

with Jennifer Dawn

Today we have the pleasure of hearing from Jennifer Dawn, a business owner, entrepreneur, author and speaker. Jennifer started her first business at eight years old selling apples off her grandfather’s apple trees. At 23, she founded a software company and then transitioned to a software division president. After 10+ years Jennifer began her journey of creating her own businesses and working for herself.

Topics Mentioned:

  • Transition

  • Mindset

  • Fear

  • Planning

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Thoughts from Jennifer:

Transitioning out of corporate

  • Transition in such a way you aren’t unbelievably stressed.

  • You are not your business. We are too interconnected with our identity and the business’s identity and it can hinder our profitability.

  • If we are focused on huge profits, we aren’t focused enough on our clients. The profits come from engaging with our clients.


  • What are mindsets that hold us back from being profitable?

  • What excuses are we holding on to that keep us unprofitable?

  • Profits come from serving well.


  • Fear can come from being successful.

  • Fear happens when you begin to push outside of your comfort zone.

  • The feeling of fear and excitement are the same. It doesn’t have to be fear if you don’t want it to be. Choose excitement instead!


  • It is important to balance physical time, energy and self-care.

  • Step out of busy, busy, busy and be more strategic. This allows us to get more done in the day.

  • Create times of silence.


Links and Resources: 

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•    Profit First by Mike Michalowicz



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