044: Instagram Strategies that Work

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044: Instagram Strategies that Work

with Mark McDonough

Mark McDonough is with us today. With over 20 years of marketing expertise growing brands and making them explode online, Mark brings his expertise to the digital world. Mark, along with business partner, Kathleen Bandaruk, are shaping the face of the interior design industry by offering valuable content and tips in their fast-growing Facebook group, Interior Design Marketing. The Tastefully Inspired Agency prides itself on getting small businesses across the globe, fast results on and off social media. Their expert marketing knowledge and lean, scrappy mindset keeps them ahead of the pack.

Mark is proudest of being a father of three amazing girls who inspire him daily. Normally when he is working, he has the youngest on his lap wanting a sip of his coffee. His motto for everything he does is "family first".

 Topics Mentioned:

  • Social Media

  • Instagram

  • Video Marketing

  • Authenticity

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Thoughts from Mark:

  • They want to make Facebook an all video platform within a year.

  • It’s as if we are trained to post on social media.

  • Start using videos now to maximize your business.

  • It’s not about the people who know you.  It’s about those who don’t know you.

  • Instagram is a market that is becoming saturated.

  • Majority of your clients will be local. Local is gold.

  • Videos are the closest you will get to a handshake or a phone call. 

  • A lot of my communications happen directly on Instagram.

  • There shouldn’t be any confusion as to what your Instagram grid is about. 

  • Just be authentic. 


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