043: Managing Expectations from the Start

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043: Managing Expectations from the Start

with Claire Jefford

On the podcast today is Claire Jefford.  Claire began her award winning Interior Decorating firm in 2011 & quickly grew her business, boasting the highest reviewed design professional in the Greater Toronto area with 100 Houzz reviews. In 2017, Claire started a second business as a Business Coach.

With a background in Human Resources, Claire is passionate about having organized processes, marketing & she also loves creating videos. Audiences love Claire for her authentic personality, her helpful, straight up advice & cheeky sense of humor.

 Topics Mentioned:

  • Setting Expectations

  • Planning

  • Budgeting

  • Delegation

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Thoughts from Claire:

  • You create your own “luck” because you work hard.

  • I am not a big fan of “Fake it until you make it.”

  • Consider what you don’t like doing in your business and find a way to delegate it.

  • Do things the right way from the start.

  • Have the conversation about money upfront. That will give you a good indication on some things.

  • Make it a point to sit down to review the letter of agreement and expectations with your client.

  • Look back at previous experiences to identify red flags.

  • Explain your processes and how you work.

  • Be authentic. Provide value. Be consistent.

  • Consider using video to bring brand awareness to your company.


  • Website: www.clairejefford.com

  • Facebook: Claire Jefford Consulting

  • Instagram: @clairejefford

  • Youtube: Claire Jefford

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