021: Possibility Understood


021: Possibility Understood

with Diane Preston

Diane Preston, Owner of Diane’s Interior Creations, has over 27 years of experience creating custom window treatments and soft home furnishings. She values customer service and educating her designers to be successful in the workroom and with their clients. Preston lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and enjoys having her son and daughter in the business with her. Diane shares with us the possibilities for success in a workroom that she did not know were even reasonable when she started.

 Topics Mentioned:

  • Value

  • Efficiency and Productivity

  • Education

  • Possibility

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Thoughts from Diane:

  • I first thought profitably meant meeting certain goals within our budget and working toward the process of getting out of debt. But today I can confidently define it as two-fold, monetary and time.  I now know my numbers with the help of the Profit First and Pricing Without Emotion courses and can continue to look at profit as succeeding and sustainability.

  • In 2014, I took Pricing without Emotion and it changed my business and my life. To know that understanding my numbers clicked was a sickening feeling and then an empowering feeling. I took value in knowing my skills and knowledge were powerful and that I really had something in the marketplace that was of value.

  • The time spent in taking courses, going to the conferences, and learning is valuable and empowers me to be able to charge what I need to charge – and be okay with it.

  • It is important to know little hidden fees do accumulate. Keep an eye on those little expenses that add up by the end of the year.

  • By working efficiently and productively I am always looking for ways to make an excellent product more efficiently without compromising quality one ounce. That is super important to me and I have found ways to just be more proficient and more effective in the time I am in the workroom.

  • Once I started educating designers and showing them all of the details that go into products and the high quality and proficient ways of putting things together with excellence, light bulb moments started coming on, and I started seeing them in the clients home showing the details to show off the pieces of art.

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