057: Client Service Strategies that Wow

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057: Client Service Strategies that Wow

with Ashley Uhl

Ashley Uhl is the owner of Ashley Uhl Consulting which offers client service consulting for designers. Ashley has been cultivating a love of service her entire lifetime. Traveling extensively throughout the world early on in life, she developed an incredible respect, understanding, and interest in the five star service she encountered.

Eager to expand her knowledge of service, Ashley gained her degree in psychology and minor in business from the University of Missouri. She followed this up by formal training and work in human relations, sales, and presentations from top professional development company, Dale Carnegie. All of this allowing her to both expand her ability to create memorable client experiences, and prevent conflicts and frustrations between business and client.

Topics Mentioned:

  • Expectation setting

  • Process

  • Benefit

  • Power

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Thoughts from Ashley:

  • We automatically assume that everyone thinks about the client experience. 

  • I help designers see not just what works for the clients, but also what works for them as well. 

  • When you see things from your client’s perspective, it is so much easier to deal with them. 

  • You want to take it step by step with clients.  

  • You are to prepare your clients for what may come up, but you do not want to freak them out. 

  • Try to find ways to prevent stress on behalf of your client.  

  • The more you can remember about your client the more you will provide a luxurious experience for them. 

  • Everything you do, you want to have a reason for it. 

  • Clients want to know that you care about them and not just their money.  


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