056: Year One of Profit is a Choice


056: Year One of Profit is a Choice

with Michele Williams

Wow, I cannot believe that we are a year into this podcast journey of Profit is a choice. I am not sure if you all heard my beginnings in podcasting – but I started investigating a podcast in 2016. At that time, I determined the amount of time it would take was time I did not have available – so I shelved it. Then in 2018, I was able to create sustainable time in my calendar to create and produce the podcast. And now – here we are. On this episode we are going to do a year of review and highlights – so much goodness has happened this year and I was reminded of the value this podcast has brought into the world as I looked back. 

Topics Mentioned:

  • Celebration

  • Business

  • Dedication

  • Gratitude

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Thoughts from Michele:

  • When I first began the podcast – I wondered how I was going to find people to talk with.

  • I do not ever take this lightly – because I have shared my story and know how tender the telling might sometimes be.

  • In my coaching practice – asking questions to understand is foundational work.

  • Before I started the podcast, I had a business plan for the podcast.

  • What have I learned from my guests? Courage. Plain and simple.

  • Life and business is hard – but it is also beautiful. Even in the mess.


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