049: Design Psychology for True Connection


049: Design Psychology for True Connection

with Monique Becker

Joining us today is Monique Becker of The Enlightened Nest (and Becker Home). Monique lives with her husband and sons in rural southeastern Pennsylvania in an imperfectly-perfect Victorian farmhouse. She offers design and custom window treatments to her customers. Monique has studied the psychology of design and shares that with us today. She believes houses are living, breathing entities, and are a direct reflection of who we are as people, and who we can become. 

You will hear us share that we have been friends and colleagues for many years. We both worked in the custom window treatment space – and then have morphed our businesses over the years. Monique shares a bit of her journey to add in more and how the psychology of design has made a difference in her life – and the life of her clients. I had some a-ha moments in our conversation – and I know you will too.

 Topics Mentioned:

  • Psychology

  • Connection

  • Warmth

  • Past

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Thoughts from Monique:

  • I literally Googled “How to make a living sewing curtains?”

  • As I was getting more questions, I realized I really loved design work. 

  • I feel like I go through this every 5 year shift. 

  •  The emotional connection is absolutely necessary.

  • It is an emotional process.

  • It is not therapy.

  • You have to be open to uncovering some of the layers.

  • It is so engrained in us that things do not bring happiness to us. 

  • You go through the process to pinpoint certain responses to not get blindsided.


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