050: Hiring Exceptional People to Be Profitable

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050: Hiring Exceptional People to Be Profitable

with Eileen Hahn

With us today is Eileen Hahn. She is a principal in the San Diego based management consulting firm, Organization Effectiveness Consultants (OEC). She partners with leaders of organizations to establish new levels of performance, financial results, teamwork, and employee work passion. Eileen is a delightful and engaging professional speaker and university instructor. She combines practical knowledge, tools and techniques with warmth and real world examples and experiences.

We met at LuAnn Live where we were both co-authors in the book A Well Designed Business Power Talk Friday Experts and speakers at the event. Eileen exudes joy and life. She is like a magnet for all things positive and I know that even if you cannot see her in this episode you will hear her passion and excitement as we discuss how to hire and maintain employees and teams that are exceptional.

 Topics Mentioned:

  • Professional development

  • Joy

  • Passion

  • On-boarding

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Thoughts from Eileen:

  • It starts mentally. You have to decide what you want.

  • Many small business owners are not writing job descriptions.

  • I’m all about living and working in joy.

  • The difference between hiring someone who is exceptional and someone who isn’t will impact your business.

  • You just need someone to educate you sometimes.

  • Give people samples to see what they are about.

  • People stay when they feel cared about and when they feel they are growing.

  • People want to make a difference.


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