059: Embellishment for Self-Expression

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059: Embellishment for Self-Expression

with Jana Platina Phipps

With us on the podcast today is the Trim Queen – Jana Platina Phipps. Jana is an expert in all things trimmings and as the title of this episode of the podcast, she believes embellishment is a creative form of self-expression. Jana will share with us her start with embellishments and where it has taken her. Topics we cover include unexpectedly finding a passion that you were not actively seeking, stepping out in faith and not fear, and pivoting when needed. This was such a fun conversation and I know you are going to enjoy it.

Topics Mentioned:

  • Passion

  • Embellishment

  • Business pivot

  • Diversifying income

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Thoughts from Jana:

  • I really think having corporate experiences really serves me today. 

  • When you are relaxed, that is when you are working at your peak.

  •  When I do my workshops, it really brings me joy. 

  • It gave me the confidence to make the jump because it what it looked like on paper. 

  • I feel like I can’t be creative as I was in the past, because I can’t take those risks like I did back then.

  • Embellishment is a creative form of self-expression.  

  • People want something unique.  They want something handmade. 

  • Everyone has their own personal story about trim.

  • You should know what is going on in the market.


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