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056: Year One of Profit is a Choice

Wow, I cannot believe that we are a year into this podcast journey of Profit is a choice. I am not sure if you all heard my beginnings in podcasting – but I started investigating a podcast in 2016. At that time, I determined the amount of time it would take was time I did not have available – so I shelved it. Then in 2018, I was able to create sustainable time in my calendar to create and produce the podcast. And now – here we are. On this episode we are going to do a year of review and highlights – so much goodness has happened this year and I was reminded of the value this podcast has brought into the world as I looked back. 

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050: Hiring Exceptional People to Be Profitable

With us today is Eileen Hahn. She is a principal in the San Diego based management consulting firm, Organization Effectiveness Consultants (OEC). She partners with leaders of organizations to establish new levels of performance, financial results, teamwork, and employee work passion. Eileen is a delightful and engaging professional speaker and university instructor. She combines practical knowledge, tools and techniques with warmth and real world examples and experiences.

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016: Building A Profitable Team for the Win

On the podcast today we have Jeanelle Dech. Jeanelle is president and co-founder of Adaptive Textiles, a textile printing company in West Chester, Pa. She’s known for her Fit-Like-a-Glove slipcovers, SPEED sewing method and workroom profitability training, and is the creative force behind The Workroom Channel and the Curtains & Soft Furnishings Resource Library. Jeanelle and I are accountability partners and we can dig into about any topic to discuss. Enjoy our conversation today on the topics of ideal client, our WHY, self-guided couples therapy and team work.

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